Lithium- ion Battery

Lithium-ion batteries are a great solution for both low and high- power applications. With their short charge time and remote programmability, these batteries are a great advantage for heavy applications. Due to their very high energy density, they maintain a constant voltage throughout the duration of a shift. Moreover, this is a lightweight battery that is an ideal low- maintenance option that can be charged conveniently within the forklift, eliminating the need for battery handling equipment. This is the perfect solution for locations with limited space. These batteries have a life span that range from 2,000- 4, 000 cycles, depending on the application and maintenance. While lithium-ion batteries do not require regular battery maintenance, it is still crucial to keep up with battery care. Due to the mass amounts of heat generated during operations, a battery management system is necessary. This management system protects the battery from issues like overcharging, discharging, and monitors cell temperature to prevent overheating damages.