Technician working on battery under forklift hood

Forklift Battery and Charger Service

At Advanced Energy Solutions, our team is highly trained and certified to identify and address any forklift battery-related concerns that may arise. We pride ourselves in having the best and most skilled technicians to handle any forklift battery repair task. In the rare event that we are unable to detect the issue at your warehouse, we are happy to bring the forklift battery to our workshop and bring it back to life. Our dedicated technicians will also go over the best practices with your team to ensure proper forklift battery maintenance. Our goal is to help you optimize your worktime, minimizing the need for frequent technician visits.

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    1. On- Site Repairs
      1. Cables
      2. Connectors
      3. Forklift Charger Repair
      4. Intercell Connectors
    2. Off- Site Repairs
      1. Acid Adjustments
      2. 6-hour capacity test
      3. Cell Replacement
      4. Reconditioning
      5. Forklift Charger Repair (reprogramming and component replacement)

Whatever issue you’re dealing with, we can solve it. All our technicians have gone through rigorous training to become certified for any forklift battery and charger service.

Give us a call and we’ll get your forklift battery or charger working again in no time.