Conventional Charger

Selecting the right battery is just as crucial as choosing the appropriate charging system. Conventional chargers work exceptionally well for one- shift operations, providing long-lasting power.

For multi- shift operations, each forklift may require more than one battery to ensure continuous charging. The ideal practice is to run the battery until it reaches around 20%-30% capacity and then recharge it in the evening, bringing it back to a 100% state of charge. Before using the forklift the next day, it’s essential to allow the battery to cool down.

Maintaining this process is important to minimize productivity downtime, as charging times should be included within operating hours. By following this routine, batteries can consistently operate at a 100% state of charge on a daily basis.

  • Charge batteries to a 100% state of charge on a daily basis
  • More than one battery per truck
  • Ideal for one shift operations
  • Keeps batteries long-lasting
  • Cost-effective
  • Takes 8 hours to fully recharge the battery
  • Universally compatible with all industrial batteries