Fast Charger

Selecting the right battery is just as crucial as choosing the appropriate charging system. Fast charging systems are ideal for multi-shift operations. This means that batteries should be charged at any opportunity possible, whether it is during lunch, short breaks, or shift changes. These systems can fully recharge a battery in just 2-3 hours, maintaining a state of charge around 80- 85%.

For operations that run 24/7 and require continuous fast charging, this system is a great choice. We recommend using a single-point watering system with a water level indicator and battery monitor to ensure proper maintenance. As fast charging demands high energy, it is essential to monitor the battery’s temperature closely.

This cost- effective and space-saving option allows for the use of a single battery per truck, eliminating the need for battery changing equipment that could take up space in a small warehouse. However, it’s important to note that fast charging systems typically have a lifespan of about 3 years or less due to the high power required to rapidly charge the battery. The increased heat exposure can lead to a deterioration in the battery’s life cycle.

  • Great for three- shift and heavy operations
  • Batteries are charged to 80-85% state of charge on a daily basis
  • Ideal for multi-shift operations
  • Can charge at any opportunity possible (breaks and lunches)
  • Takes 2-3 hours to fully recharge the battery