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Forklift Battery Watering

June 2nd, 2023  | 
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Forklift Battery Watering

The Importance of Proper Watering 

Electric material handling equipment relies solely on their industrial batteries. Proper forklift battery maintenance is key to ensuring the longevity and efficiency of these industrial batteries.

To extend the life of an industrial battery, maintaining a consistent watering schedule stands as the primary factor. The forklift battery replacement cost comes at a considerable price, making proactive maintenance very important. Over time, neglecting a proper and consistent watering cycle causes the lead plates within the battery to dry out, deteriorating its overall forklift battery lifespan.

When should I water my battery?

It’s crucial to water industrial batteries after a full charge cycle when their water levels are at their peak, ensuring they’re topped off before usage. Timing is crucial as watering at the wrong moment can lead to serious battery damage. Keep up with industrial battery care by avoiding watering batteries when they’re at a partial state or discharged to prevent a surge in acid levels, which can result in overheating and potential harm.

Forklift Battery Tips:

  1. Have a weekly battery watering schedule
  2. Water the battery after a charge cycle
  3. Improper water levels can damage the battery
  4. Older batteries require more water
  5. Never water a battery before or during a charge
  6. Charge batteries to 100% before usage

What kind of water do you put in a forklift battery?

Maintaining a high-quality water supply is essential to keep your industrial battery operating smoothly. While deionized or distilled water is our top recommendation due to their purity, any water free of impurities will suffice. It’s wise to test the water’s pH level if you’re uncertain, aiming for a range between 5 and 7. Using water that has been tampered with can lead to serious battery damage. For larger fleets, investing in an industrial battery watering system is highly recommended. Not only does it minimize operator downtime, but it also ensures your batteries are watered correctly at all times.

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