Improve picking efficiency in your warehouse or distribution center with the addition of a Toyota Order Picker. Order pickers expand your piece picking or case picking shelving space by lifting your operator up to the product instead of requiring a traditional forklift to bring a full pallet down to ground level. Contact our team of equipment specialists in Los Angeles, CA for a quote.

Narrow Aisle Order Pickers For Sale in Los Angeles

Toyota Order Picker

Compact, easy-to-maneuver order pickers are ideal for narrow aisle warehouses. With a width of just 40 inches, order pickers are one of the narrowest forklift options available. Unlike traditional sit-down forklifts, operators stand on the order picker platform where they can control the lift mechanism to comfortably reach your highest shelving. Toyota order pickers are designed to safely reach a height of up to 390 inches.

New & Used Order Pickers For Sale

Order Picker Platform

Toyota Material Handling Solutions in Los Angeles, CA offers the complete catalog of Toyota order pickers for sale. There are three models available with varying lift speeds to meet the needs of different applications. We also offer used order pickers for sale in Los Angeles. Contact us today to find the right solution for your business needs.